What Chromecast for what use?

In case you hadn’t noticed, Google doesn’t stop at your online search bar! The internet giant also invites itself on your television and even your speakers with its Chromecast range, these little devices that allow broadcasting in streaming. Each product has its specific use: The classic Chromecast for TV streaming, the Chromecast Ultra for Ultra High Def TV streaming, and the Audio Chromecast for sound streaming!


Chromecast : TV streaming for all

Under its appearance as a big designer USB key, the Chromecast is a streaming device which allows you to broadcast series, films, sports programs or video games onto your television by using your smartphone, tablet or laptop PC as a remote control. The device is plugged onto the HDMI port of your television and is connected to your broadband terminal via the home wifi network, which allows you to browse and select content from a distance.

The Chromecast reads the contents stocked on the terminal, but also online content via a web browser. You can also use your Google Chromecast to replicate the screen off your phone or tablet, and screen your holiday pics and videos on your television, as well as presentations contained on the terminal. YouTube, Netflix: the Chromecast is compatible with a number of useful entertainment apps.


Chromecast Ultra : images in ultra high def

Chromecast Ultra is the high end version of Google’s dongle. It offers the same services as the basic service, but includes the coverage of 4K Ultra HD or HDR videos. Ideal for those who already have a latest generation TV, the Chromecast Ultra allows to diffuse clearer and brighter images, as well as deeper and more detailed colours.

Chromecast Audio : musical streaming for your speakers

As for Chromecast Audio, it is a multimedia device destined for your speakers, which allows you to listen to music through streaming services, with a better sound quality. Connectable on a RCA port, optical or 3.5 mm, this micro accessory is usable on a large number of speakers and hi-fi systems. From Deezer to Spotify or internet radio, most musical streaming are platforms compatible with the Google Chromecast Audio.


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